Rochester Chapter American Council of The Blind New York

A spray of LilacsThe American Council of The Blind -Rochester Chapter encompasses the central up-state area of New York, and is a small but thriving group. We are proud of being the remainder of the large Rochester Chapter which existed from the inception of the American Council of The Blind.

Today, our group is primarily a social group, as we strive to promote the economic, social and cultural well-being of Rochester area residents who are blind or visually impaired, and dealing with issues such as braille literacy, treatment of the blind by medical personnel, and the availability of access to information on medication. We have been known to write letters of advocacy.

ACB-RochesterNY Chapter meets in various venues or via Telephone Conference Calls. For information about each meeting, please contact one of our current officers:

Current Officers

President: Roger Dennis, 585-781-4645,

Vice-President: Linda Olson,

Secretary: Kate Chamberlin,

Treasurer: Tom Flaherty,

Assistant Treasurer: Andy Shields,

Member-at-Large: Kathlyn Shields, 1-585-334-6569


We are a friendly, warm, non-judgmental group and would welcome talking with you about finding mutual, local solutions.

We are affiliated with ACBNY and ACB, Inc-(National)


Updated October 20, 2021 KGC